Essential Tips For Camping in Your Van or SUV

When you head on a camping trip, you might decide that instead of staying in a tent, you want to stay in the back of your van or SUV. This is a good idea whether you are concerned about the weather, feel safer in your vehicle, or you don’t have camping gear but need a place to crash for the night. These tips will help you to set up a comfortable and safe place in the back of your vehicle to camp out overnight.

Pull Out Any Seats Not Being Used

The seats in the back might be getting in the way of you having a comfortable bed, so pull out any of the ones you don’t need. If you are traveling alone or with a significant other, pull out all back seats to make room for a bed. If you have kids with you, just pull out as many as you can. An SUV with three rows of seats still has plenty of room for sleeping areas if you pull out the second and third rows. You might have enough room for setting up cushions and blankets or even enough room for a twin-size air mattress.

Set Up Your Sleeping Area

epd17_cargo_spaceWhen camping in a van or SUV, you want to have a comfortable sleeping area in the back. This might mean packing less items with you if there isn’t a lot of room, but remember you can also tie down some of your suitcases and gear on the roof. Depending on how much room you have, you can set up sleeping pads, foam cushion, or mattresses. A big van with no back seats would probably fit a small mattress or air mattress. Others require the use of sleeping pads and lots of blankets for cushion. The latter is a good idea because you can roll them up during the day to leave room for daily activities.

Cover the Windows For Privacy

This is an optional step, but many people can’t completely relax in the back of their van or SUV if people can peek in the windows and watch them sleep or relax. If your van has tinted windows and you aren’t using a flashlight at night, nobody will be able to see you anyway. However, if you don’t have tinted windows or you have lights on inside, they might be able to. All you really need to do is hang some curtains over the windows in the back and close them at night. It’s easy and inexpensive.

Keep the Back Organized

ford-backDon’t just throw your suitcases wherever they fit and take up the entire back space for sleeping. This causes a lot of chaos and makes it frustrating whenever you need to find something. If you lack proper space for your belongings. Consider building a short frame in the back of the van, and having your mattress on top of it. Below the frame should be open, where you can place your luggage, gear, and other items you bring with you.

These are simple tips, but they do make a big difference in how well you can sleep in the back of your vehicle.


Summer Plans: 7 Fun Things to Do During Summer as an Adult

If you’re an adult, you ordinarily spend most of your summertime just reminiscing about all the fun you used to have as a kid. However, adult life doesn’t have to be that boring. There are a plethora of activities you can always engage in to stay lively during the summer. Think about spending some time doing the things listed below.

1. Go for a swim

go for a swimThis is the best time to get out that swimsuit you’ve been dying to put on. It even gets better if you live close to the beach. It is always more enjoyable if you tag along a few friends. Besides swimming and sunbathing, participate in lively games such as beach volleyball. You just might end up making more friends with an impromptu trip to your city’s favorite beach. This may also present the opportunity to network and make friends who will be a positive influence in your life.

2. Take up a home project

Remember that tree house you’ve always promised your kids you’ll build? Well, there could be no better time to do this than summertime. Go get those wooden planks and have fun building with your kids. In the end, they’ll really appreciate the time you spend with them. Alternatively, you can start a gardening project if your home lacks one. Find out the best plants that can thrive all year round and start planting them. You’ll find yourself busy enough to get over disappointments you may have suffered in the recent past.

3. Tour your favorite destination

Establish a routine of saving some money to tour the destinations you always admire at least once every year. The destination may be local or overseas. All that matters is your overall satisfaction. There’s nothing wrong with spending your hard earned cash touring the world. Ensure that the money you have is sufficient for the whole trip.

4. Spend quality time with your loved one

loveThis can go a long way in improving your relationship with your spouse. Find an activity that you both love but have had limited time to partake in so far. It could be something as mundane as watching a movie together at home. For some outdoor fun, try watching a local sporting event live together. Of course, you’ll need to book tickets in advance for this. You can also find out whether any concerts will be held nearby soon. Such simple acts always strengthen bonds.

5. Master a new skill

If your schedule allows it, look for one or two skills you’d like to master. If there are local classes available, place an enrollment request. You can improve on your cooking skills, learn a new language or start attending a martial arts class. These activities can give you a great sense of achievement once completed. If there are yoga classes available nearby, why not enroll for one?

6. Volunteer at a local charity

In case you feel sufficiently philanthropic, look for local charities to assist those in need. Gather some of the items that you no longer use at home and give them away whenever you can. You will always feel better knowing you made a positive impact on someone’s life. If you feel you are up to the challenge, consider offering free mentoring sessions to young people around your neighborhood.

7. Take your family camping

campingLet your family have some fun. Rent an RV and pack up for a camping trip. Ensure you have all your essentials in place just avoid inconveniences. If you reside close to a camping spot, you have your work cut out for you. Some tour companies even have camping packages at really attractive rates. Finding out more about them is prudent.

The keys to a happy life lie squarely in your hands. All you should do is select an activity that works for you and take part in it. With so many activities to choose from, this should be a walk in the park.