Knives Can Make Perfect Gifts – True or False?

I think it’s true – knives can make a perfect gift, maybe not for everyone but for most people – yes. Actually, I have come to the conclusion that knives make good gifts for anyone over the age of 18.  Even me… clumsy, have-to-concentrate-super-hard-while-I-cut-veggies me enjoys receiving a knife as a gift.  Be it a little Spyderco Cricket – one of my best Spyderco’s – , or some kind of historically significant knife, there truly is a knife out there for everyone.

Recently my office pooled together some cash to buy a knife block set for one of our fellow staffers that is getting married.  Sure, we could have bought him a duvet or some towels or something else from his registry, but really how can you go wrong with kitchen knives?

knives make perfect giftIf you cook anything more than a frozen dinner you need them, and they make such a nice display on your countertop when complete with a snazzy block to store them in.

Plus wedding gifts always tend to lean more toward appealing to feminine sensibilities than male sensibilities with the exception, perhaps, of a few choice pieces such a barbecue and of course, knives knives knives.  Needless to say, my co-worker was well pleased with his knife block.

Pocketknives also work well as unusual thank you gifts.  My husband and I are doing extensive renovations to a recently purchased house and are considering knives as little gifts for our most helpful contractors and trades people.

We just ordered a SOG knife to give out as one of these gifts.  It comes in a great little box and looks very swish.  And who couldn’t use a pocket knife?  To use myself once again as someone you wouldn’t expect would enjoy such a gift, I work in the corporate world, not a nature preserve…  I don’t do anything with my hands other than type, and even I find uses for a pocket knife.  Need a box opened?  That’s right; it’s me to the rescue with my trusty little knife.  See?  Everyone can use a pocket knife.

Bringing home knives from faraway places is my husband’s gig.  From a Finnish puukko to a Nepalese khukuri, these have become the objets d’art displayed in our glass cabinet at home as well as much loved gifts to our friends and family members.  Knives tell such stories about the cultures they were created to serve.  They are tangible pieces of history, and make much better gifts that the standard trinkets most people bring home from their travels.

Ah, knives…  So many choices that you can always find one to give as the perfect gift.  From weddings to birthdays to anniversaries to baby showers…  Okay, maybe not baby showers…  Knives are an easy and elegant solution to the gift-giving dilemma.

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